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About Aya

Our aim is straightforward: harnessing Africa’s potential for Web3 and Blockchain progress. We're not mere spectators; we're dedicated contributors, striving to cultivate builders, support innovators, and build a community that elevates the continent. This isn't just a goal; it's a deep passion and a pledge to craft a lasting legacy, shaping Africa's future in the realm of Web3 and Blockchain.

How do we do this?

Catalyst for growth and

Empowering African Web3 Builders

Aya is empowering African tech talent through a platform that offers resources, support, and growth opportunities.

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Empowering Startups

We have created a diverse and collaborative community comprising tech professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors, and thought leaders.

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Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Aya fosters a supportive learning environment, providing learners with the tools and guidance they need to succeed

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Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Aya, we’re cultivating a culture of tech innovation and entrepreneurship through various initiatives

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Fostering IRL Connections Across the African Continent

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Our Products and Services


Velocit-8 swiftly transforms ideas into market-ready MVPs in just 8 weeks, mitigating risks and providing real-world insights for entrepreneurs, driving revenue, feedback collection, and funding potential.


AyaLabs is your gateway to a world of opportunities, resources, and expertise. Participate in hackathons, showcase your projects, fuel your ideas, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and make a lasting impact with cutting-edge tech solutions.

For Communities

  • Communities can host Hackathons for their community.
  • Communities can track projects.

For Talents

  • Communities can host Hackathons for their community.
  • Communities can track projects.


Complete our program and receive a soul bound NFT certificate which is unique to your identity and will serve as proof of skills acquired to access borderless job opportunities.

For Builders

Visit our builder hub

We provide a vibrant and collaborative environment for tech enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana.


What people are saying about us

Kelvin Chelenje

Blockchain Developer - Ethereum Certified

“My experience with Aya was and in presence continuous terms is priceless. Aya opened up an opportunity for me to get into the blockchain space, giving me the chance to be trained and connect with prominent organizations and individuals that are connected to them for more experiences and committed to support the Aya community.

Kunbi Oguneye

CEO/Founder, Alpha Fortress

“They were able to deliver within 48 hours on my resource requirement. Outstanding work!

Kolawole Ayoola

Smart Contract Engineer | Aya Talent Collective

“The challenge was a real eye-opener for me personally. I discovered how to integrate smart contracts into web applications, and it was a total blast. Thanks to the Aya Talent Collective Challenge and my awesome teammates, I learned something completely new. I'm super excited to keep building on this knowledge and create even more web3 apps.”

Suleman Ismaila

Smart Contract Engineer | Aya Talent Collective

“I'm truly impressed by the support and learning opportunities provided by this community. By actively participating in the collective challenge, I not only stay occupied but also acquire valuable skills and knowledge that strengthen my professional profile. This experience will undoubtedly boost my confidence and position me as a competitive candidate in the job market.”

Patrick Ominisan

Blockchain Engineer

“Overall, the DAO hackathon was good. What was required for us to participate was well stated and the platform was great to use as we can make changes or update our project. The user interface of the Ayalab platform is also very friendly. Also the Ayalab team was very friendly as we could reach out to them to get more information concerning the hackhathon.”

Faith Roberts

Smart Contract Engineer

“The hackathon made me understand more about DAOs and how to build a DAO system with all the inner working and leveraging on existing tech and libraries.”

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